Advanced 3-Day Police Sniper Workshop


This workshop will train prospective and serving precision riflemen in tactics, techniques and procedures critical to the success of sniper and counter sniper operations. The focus is on urban operations and the unique challenges that urban terrain presents to the sniper and the tactical team.

The workshop is presented in a variety of forums, including a dynamic classroom environment, firing range, urban movement exercises and scenario based exercises with role players.

The workshop is offered as an advanced course for serving precision riflemen.

Primary Topics Covered

  • Global Case Studies of Sniper Employment
  • Weapons and Collateral Equipment Familiarization
  • Marksmanship
  • Observation, Scouting and Reporting
  • Urban Movement Techniques
  • Camouflage and Concealment
  • Urban Hides
  • Covert Vehicle Hides
  • Aerial Platforms
  • Suppressed Weapons Tactics
  • Support for Assault Teams
  • Planning Considerations
  • Command, Control and Communications

Equipment List

  • Sniper Weapon System, Optical Sight, Bipod and Sling
  • Spotting Scope with Tripod
  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Calculator/PDA
  • Classroom Notebook and writing utensil
  • Field Note book and writing utensil
  • Communications
  • Digital Camera
  • Rucksack
  • Operational rifle bag, shooting mat and ground cloth
  • Adverse weather gear
  • Flashlight
  • Duty Uniform (BDU-type)
  • "Ghillie" type camouflage suit (if issued)
  • Headgear
  • Hydration system
  • Duty Load Bearing Vest
  • Weapon Cleaning Gear
  • 60 Rounds of Sniper Match Grade Ammunition (minimum)
  • Issue Sidearm

Advanced Sniper Videos