Aerial Platform Shooting - From Planning to Implementation and Sustainment


The scope of this customized program is to assist agencies with their plan to implement and sustain an Aerial Platform Shooting program.

The program is designed to work within the agencies existing SOP's and use of force policies.

The participants of this program should include the command staff and others in the agency involved with decision making and leadership as well as the special operations personnel that will be trained to provide sniper operations from the aerial platform.

Participants will learn all special characteristics peculiar to the ability to safely perform the mission at hand including the use of specialized equipment designed specifically for the purpose of providing a safe aerial shooting platform program for your agency.

More Information:

The characteristics of the equipment being used to perform these operations are unique and require specific instruction in order maximize their effectiveness in real world missions involving high threat crime, terrorist incidents and hostage rescue operations while not compromising the safety of the pilots, team members and the general public.

As always the goal is to use these specialized tools to achieve the tactical flexibility needed to gain the upper hand, achieve the mission and return home safely. This program is designed to provide real world knowledge to the participants to achieve the mission.

Course Objectives

Participants of this training program will learn:

  • Case Studies of real world operations from domestic US case studies specifically in a law enforcement context about the uses of an aerial shooting.
  • Aerial platforms for observation
  • Aerial platforms for tactical team member insertions
  • Firing Platforms
  • Emergency Evacuations and Rescues
  • Overall operational benefits
  • In addition to the subjects above the participants of this training program will participate in discussing the following important learning points that need to be considered:
  • Shooting from an Aerial platform can be politically unpopular:
  • Aircraft specifically helicopters have always been used as life saving tool and considered a necessary piece of equipment for any municipality
  • Complacent attitude that we "won't need that here" is not liability conscious
  • Better to have it and be trained to use it than need it and not have the training or ability to use the tool
  • Relying on another jurisdiction for airborne assets may delay response and may prove to be unreliable when needed
  • Additional points to consider:
  • An airborne asset is necessary piece of equipment and the ability to use it as a shooting platform is a bonus
  • Without the aerial asset and this ability the agencies capabilities are extremely limited
  • This training allows for additional tactical flexibility and strategy
  • Aerial assets may be the only way to solve a crisis based on geography
  • How to fund the program


Aerial Platform Videos

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