Armored Vehicle Operations Tactical Planning and Workshop

armored-vehicle-trainingThe scope of this training workshop program is to teach SWAT and SOP team members along with command staff how to conduct operations with special use armored vehicles such as the B.E.A.R.® , BearCat®, the BATT, MRAP and others.

The characteristics of these very specialized vehicles and their use are unique and require specific instruction in order maximize their effectiveness in real world missions involving high threat crime, terrorist incidents and hostage rescue operations while not compromising the safety of the team members using the equipment.

The decision to acquire and to then operate such vehicles rely on both the command staff and leadership, although their actual and effective deployment and use depends on the operators assigned to use the equipment. This workshop addresses all sides of this equation and engages the participants to discuss the topics in great length and detail.

As always the goal is to use specialized tools to achieve the tactical flexibility needed to gain the upper hand, achieve the mission and return home safely. These vehicles offer such benefits when acquired with foresight and sound planning, then used properly.

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Course Objectives

Participants of this training program will learn:

  • Global Case Studies of real world operations using the Bear and Bear Cat
  • Vehicle Platforms for Observation
  • Vehicle Platforms for Structure Entry
  • Tactical team deployment
  • Obstacle Negotiation
  • Mobile Firing Platforms
  • Emergency Evacuations and Rescues
  • Overall operational benefits

In addition to the subjects above the participants of this training program will participate in discussing the following important learning points that need to be considered:

Armor from time to time is politically unpopular:

  • Armor is a life saving tool and a necessary piece of equipment for any municipality
  • Complacent attitude that we "won’t need that here" is not liability conscious 
  • Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it by that time it is too late
  • Relying on another jurisdiction for armor assets may delay response and may prove to be unreliable when needed

Additional points to consider:

  • An Armored Vehicle is necessary piece of rescue equipment
  • Without an armor vehicle it out capabilities are extremely limited
  • Armor vehicles allow for flexibility in tactics and strategy
  • Armor vehicles transport necessary medical equipment and personnel safely into the crisis area
  • Armor vehicles are a liability decision that pays dividends in lives and increased safety
  • Search for funding your lives and citizen lives depend on it

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Anyone involved in the use and/or operation of an armored vehicle.

Leadership and command level officers that are part of an agency already using an armored vehicle(s), athose involved in the planning stages of adding an armored vehicle as one of its assets, and/or those who merely wish more knowledge about the “landscape” of the issue.


Armored Vehicle Training Videos