By Alexandra Jaffe, CNN

Washington (CNN)—Rep. Steve Scalise may have attended a gathering of a white supremacist group, David Duke, the former Klu Klux Klan leader who founded the group said on CNN Saturday.

"I've got conflicting reports," Duke told CNN's Michael Smerconish. "One person said that he was a no-show, that he was scheduled to come — one person said that he did come. I just don't know what the truth is."

Duke added that "it seems that Mr. Scalise thinks he may have. That's why he's — he's covering himself."

Duke was in Russia at the time of the 2002 conference of the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, considered by many civil rights groups to be a hate group. The event in question has drawn intense scrutiny after a local Louisiana political blogger uncovered comments on an online forum suggesting Scalise spoke there in 2002.

The controversy surrounding Scalise's appearance has sparked calls for the Louisiana Republican to resign from his House Republican leadership position and created unwanted headaches for the GOP as they prepare to take over full control of Congress next week.

While he said he remains murky on the actual details of who spoke at the event thirteen years ago, Duke threatened to "name names" of lawmakers with whom he's "had relationships" if they continue to attack Scalise.

"I would name names of any Democrat — and I know some Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives — who tried, in fact urged me, to support them," he said.

He added while he respects the privacy of those with whom he's had relationships, "I would call them out if they [were] hypocritical."


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