Toronto Mayor Rob Ford claims he was 'set up' by late night television host Jimmy Kimmel.


Ford traveled to Los Angeles to appear on Kimmel's show Monday night where he was mocked for his crack smoking scandal and videos showing his drunken behavior and public pratfalls.


"They have this video they've had it for a while have you had a chance to see it yet," Kimmel said of the infamous tape showing Ford smoking crack.


"I want the world to see this video I'd love to see it," Ford said.


"Me too I really do I really want to see it," replied Kimmel.


 Kimmel also poked fun at Ford's outfit and teased the mayor for sweating profusely.


After the show, Ford apparently complained he was duped by Kimmel, who picked him up from the airport Saturday.


Prior to the trip, the Toronto Star spoke to Ford's brother, Toronto City Councilor Doug Ford, who said they believed Kimmel was too "classy" to discuss Ford's crack scandal. Afterwards, Councillor Ford, changed his tune in a phone interview with the Toronto Sun.


"He's a little upset," he said of his brother. "But he's O.K."


The Sun reported Ford could be heard in the background complaining he was "set up" by Kimmel.


Ford claimed his appearance was designed to promote Toronto's film industry. However, some of his critics back home described it as an embarrassment.


"This whole Kimmel thing, he's being absolutely ridiculous," City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti said Monday.



While in L.A. Ford visited City Hall where two members of the City Council told the Star he made "brief unscheduled visits" to their offices. Ford did not respond to an email from Business Insider Monday asking about his plans for the L.A. visit and whether he intended to try one of the city's famous taco trucks. After Ford landed back in Toronto Monday night, one local reporter claimed he "triple faked" the media to avoid interviews at the airport.