New Course stresses an all-hazards approach to building safety, which will be attended by thousands from coast to coast.



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Miami, Florida

“We are extremely proud of our new course offerings but especially Building Safety. We’ve gone way beyond CPTED and other principles of safety to create the first full course dedicated to all threats to a building,” states Henry Morgenstern, President of SSI.




This course provides a detailed review of typical threats to buildings, compounds, and other facilities and how they affect your assessment and operational methods. It will provide tools and methodologies for understanding threats and risks, identifying vulnerabilities, and taking a holistic approach to security by building an integrated view of its physical, technological, and human aspects.




The course is delivered with the usual SSI tm philosophy that presenters must be subject matter experts who have taken part in the area in which they are training, whether that be terrorism or crime fighting. All SSI trainers are hands-on experts; there are no academic trainers. The presenters in this case, who have worked on securing international building projects, were sent to the scene of the Nairobi Embassy bombing to learn what they could from that incident and carry it forward into better security practices for the industry.




The first sessions of this course will take place in Ohio and on the West Coast. Please call us for further information about the programs at (866) 573-3999, visit, or email us at




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