Policing in an Era of Terrorism

policing in terrorism era


In the U.S., 9/11 brought the reality of terror home. In Israel, the second Intifada made terror an all too routine reality. These events brought with them significant challenges and altered the face of traditional law enforcement. In an exceptional display of counter-terror measures and practices, both NYC and Israel are embracing a new era of policing.

Changing the mindset and raising awareness of both the police and the general public, maintaining the intensity of terror prevention despite the perceived calm, costs and resource allocation from traditional crime fighting are at the forefront of the challenges now facing law enforcement.

This course, taught by a 25 year NYPD Detective First Grade who was also the First Overseas Intelligent Liaison to the Israel Police, will convey forward thinking terror prevention and policing strategies.

This course is intended for:

U.S. Homeland Security Professionals and Students as well as Government Policy Makers


The objective of this course is to relay operational strategies & tactics for policing in the era of terrorism and crime.


Participants will learn to apply best practice counterterrorism measures learned from the NYPD and Israel. They will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • The new mindset and challenges facing law enforcement and the general public
  • Proactive intelligence and counterterrorism measures that can be used applied in local law enforcement and communities
  • Lessons learned from Israel's experience; how to realistically apply successful methods in the USA – what works and what does not

Course Outline

  • Basic Principles and Premises of Intelligence and Counterterrorism
  • Importance of Inter-Agency Communication
  • Recommendations for enhanced Officer Training – from Academy to Seasoned Investigators
  • Measures used to Enlist the Public
  • Security Legislation
  • Other Security Measures enacted in Israel and NYC