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Crafted by Experience: SSI'S VICTORY BOOT       ONLY $99.99 (Buy them here) 

ssi-victory-bootOne of the most famous weapons in the world isn't a weapon at all.

Going back to the Han Dynasty eight centuries ago and on through the Roman Empire, World War II and right up to present day, one of the decisive factors in victory on the battlefield or in special operations has been none other than the lowly boot. Without good boots, military disasters have frequently occurred.

Take for example, Hitler's campaign "Barbarossa", or Red Beard, where the biggest invasion in history (four million German soldiers along a front that was 2,900 miles wide) invaded Russia. The Germans didn't count on the invasion lasting until winter. There on the outskirts of Moscow, exhausted German soldiers that had been marching up to 12 hours a day, found themselves facing winter with light summer boots. Their feet were soon devastated by the freezing Russian cold, or what they called "General Winter". They were ultimately defeated by ice.

So, when SSI Tactical Gear set about designing the best boot for combat for law enforcement and military personnel they used the experience they have as the leading trainers for SWAT and Special Operations teams around the world. This real-world experience led to a boot design that would protect warriors in any conditions. A boot warriors could fight in over glass shards, sharp metal shrapnel from IED's, and any other obstacles that got in their way. They crafted the Victory to withstand the rigors of kicking through doors and windows to get the bad guys; accomplish the mission; come home safe; and never be defeated by anything. 


The Victory can now be yours through SSI Tactical Gear.

Using top quality components that are made in the United States of America using Velcro safety fasteners, 3M Thinsulate (200 grams) and YKK Zippers, SSI's Victory Boot is rugged as it is flexible and lightweight. The sole is cut deep, which gives you the traction you need on any surface. 1,000 Denier Nylon Cordura with its breathable, antibacterial lining gives you full weather resistance (Water repelant). Genuine leather completes the boot's durability and performance.

In tough times for budgets in departments across the country, you can get the Victory for 30% less than any other competitive product that is made in America - quality and durability that exceeds footwear our well-known competitors make in China or Asia - and still beats their price.

The Chinese may have known how to make good boots eight centuries ago, but today, only SSI Tactical Gear leads to Victory.

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