MACTAC Fire Integration Training and Workshop


Program Overview

As violent incidents involving Active Shooters escalate, it has become necessary for Fire Department Personnel and EMT’s to enter the warm zone to save lives. Waiting for injured victims to arrive at a staging zone is no longer an effective way to handle the response to an incident.

This two day course (16 hours) is designed to train personnel establish a Casualty Collection Point jointly with Police and to function under the difficulties of the warm zone. Importantly, this course provides valuable cross -training so that Fire and EMT personnel better understand how law enforcement is trained to handle the response to these events. This will enable personnel to optimize their handling of the Golden Hour, and potentially change the outcome of these incidents.

Day One - MACTAC

Personnel will be provided with the Multiple Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities training (MACTAC) the de facto standard in response for Police and Sheriff Departments responding to an Active Shooter or multi-dimensional terrorist attack.

In addition, the MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) preparation for Fire personnel from the Command Post to the Staging area will be reviewed in the light of integration with Police Personnel creating a Force Protection Rescue Team that is capable of advancing into the warm zone to establish a collection point for casualties outside the hot zone to begin immediate stabilization.

The duties of the Integrated-team will be carefully discussed so that Fire and Police can establish a leadership team to reduce risks:

  • Establishing a leadership team with well-defined skills
  • Ensuring safe communication by establishing a hard defined border where the Hot Zone begins
  • Establishing a Casualty Collection Point (CCP) at the leading edge of the warm zone
  • Assessing the scene to ensure rapid modification in the event of a change in the warm zone
  • Coordinating with Incident Command and Fire Task Force Command to provide additional Police security and Fire Transport Teams to extract victims to the Medical Triage area

Day One - Active Drills Involved in This Training

  • Moving with a Force Protection team and developing communication techniques to ensure safety
  • Moving to a determined CCP and securing by Police allowing Fire Personnel to prepare for receiving the first casualties Continuous scene assessment
  • Emergency procedures if the Warm Zone becomes the Hot Zone and Withdrawal procedures

Day Two

Scenario Training involving Fire integrated response, and rapid deployment while establishing a secure CCP while still working on stopping the deadly behavior.



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