training-1Security Solutions International™  has been providing specialized training programs since 2004 to representatives of more than 3000 agencies at the Federal, State and Local levels in the USA and friendly foreign law enforcement agencies and Military worldwide. Founded with the belief that real, hands-on training using the worlds’ best subject matter experts would be the most important defense against crime and terrorism, SSI™ has developed its unique reputation because every training program is carried out by instructors who have much more than an academic knowledge of the subject but have served and been deployed in missions that correspond to their teaching expertise. There are no “academic” programs at SSI™– just real, hands-on learning. From SWAT/ Explosives mitigation to Sniper and from Building Safety to Responding to Incidents of Mass Casualties, all our training programs are the result of lessons learned in the field. That’s why SSI™ is considered the expert source for your training needs.


Customized courses are also available. If you don’t see anything that is exactly what you need, please feel free to call us. We always create specialized courses for our clients.

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